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Term 1 2013 God’s Amazing World

 Project outline God’s Amazing World This is the country project

Rubric God’s Amazing World This rubric is used for marking

Country Research Project Links

  1. Geography:  CIA Factbook has many facts ,  Mrs Williames Word Press Site
  2. People, culture and religion:  Kids from around the World ,   Food  ,  Holidays and Festivals  ,    Major Religions, what people believe
  3. Economy and Government:   United Nations Data help
  4. Cool things to do: Use keywords “tourism,” “things to do,” “places to visit,” “best things to see in,”
  5. Look up Gap Minder to work out your questions.
  6. Challenge (high marks max. 5 pages) The Challenge section needs your opinions on some of the most important issues you wish to discuss. You need to investigate at least one topic. If you choose a topic that people disagree with, what would people who disagree with you say.


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