Posted by: philal62 | May 6, 2011

Web blogging and sharing

Explore a web storage, blogging, and sharing space


Try one of the following sites.

  1. Wikispace
  2. Stixy
  3. Edublogs


  1. Must be Private – invite only settings
  2. It is a site that you are happy to recommend
  3. Must have your name in the account
  4. Need to use your Gmail account
  5. Must be suitable for your parents and teachers to read 
  6. Must be able to be read on many different types of platforms, ie Phone, ipod, ipad, Apple computer, PC computer


Setup a simple personal on-line site

  1. Work out how to use the site as thoroughly as you can
  2. Collaborate with a friend and make a joint page
  3. Invite  guests to look at your page but don’t give them the option of changing anything.
  4. Invite Mr Lodge and your parents to view your page, you decide whether they can change things or just look





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