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Passions is the opportunity to study in depth something that is very interesting for each student. The project should match the strengths, abilities and ways that each child has been created as a uniquely clever person by our amazing God.

Term One

The Term One assignment is called ‘RAVE ON.’ The project outline and rubric to guide marking is included in this PDF. Click on the PDF below to view.

Rave On Project

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Term 3 notes, letters and forms

Term 3 letter Yr 6 Term 3 letter

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Australia, becoming a nation

Project Outline ‘Herald Federation’ magazine

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Term 3 Homework 6PLE 2013

Homework due 23/7/2013 Homework t3 wk 1 2013 due July 23

Homework due 31/7/2013 Homework t3 wk 2 2013 due July 31

Homework due 6/8/2013 Homework t3 wk 3 2013 due Aug 6

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Term 1 2013 God’s Amazing World

 Project outline God’s Amazing World This is the country project

Rubric God’s Amazing World This rubric is used for marking

Country Research Project Links

  1. Geography:  CIA Factbook has many facts ,  Mrs Williames Word Press Site
  2. People, culture and religion:  Kids from around the World ,   Food  ,  Holidays and Festivals  ,    Major Religions, what people believe
  3. Economy and Government:   United Nations Data help
  4. Cool things to do: Use keywords “tourism,” “things to do,” “places to visit,” “best things to see in,”
  5. Look up Gap Minder to work out your questions.
  6. Challenge (high marks max. 5 pages) The Challenge section needs your opinions on some of the most important issues you wish to discuss. You need to investigate at least one topic. If you choose a topic that people disagree with, what would people who disagree with you say.


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English Resources

Here are some hints to help your writing

Thesis builder is good for writing to persuade

Writing is fun is great for many types (genres) of writing

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Web blogging and sharing

Explore a web storage, blogging, and sharing space


Try one of the following sites.

  1. Wikispace
  2. Stixy
  3. Edublogs


  1. Must be Private – invite only settings
  2. It is a site that you are happy to recommend
  3. Must have your name in the account
  4. Need to use your Gmail account
  5. Must be suitable for your parents and teachers to read 
  6. Must be able to be read on many different types of platforms, ie Phone, ipod, ipad, Apple computer, PC computer


Setup a simple personal on-line site

  1. Work out how to use the site as thoroughly as you can
  2. Collaborate with a friend and make a joint page
  3. Invite  guests to look at your page but don’t give them the option of changing anything.
  4. Invite Mr Lodge and your parents to view your page, you decide whether they can change things or just look





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Maths Resources


Primary School Mathematics – need subscription


Free Secondary Resources

Khan Academy